Thursday, June 6, 2013

Illinois CCW Training & ATTS Requirements for Training.

After finding out more about this ridiculous Illinois CCW bill, I am going to mandate that anyone taking my course will have to complete all 16-hours (two-days) of training.  I'm sorry to say that because of major liability concerns, I will not offer classroom credit, or recognize any past training or military service.  You may ask why will I not recognize military service?  Other than Military Police, I do not know of may other military MOS' that routinely train with a pistol.  Pistols are mostly symbols of authority or rank in the military.  
Whenever we decide what the final course tuition is, I will offer a $50.00 tuition discount to those who have successfully completed the following ATTS training courses.  The ATTS Two-day Tactical Pistol Course, the Dynamic Force on Force Air-soft course, or the Basic Tactical Pistol Course.  I've selected these courses because there was actual tactical pistol manipulation and decision making involved in all of them.  To obtain this discount, a student will simply present me a photo copy of their training certificate with their course application and tuition.  I'm sorry, but that's how it has got to be.  The full 16-hour curriculum must be obtained through ATTS.  I'm not taking it in the shorts from any of these lousy politicians in Springfield.  You shouldn't want to either. 
Remember, when you are ready to book a CCW course, you may find one that is less expensive than mine, but I can assure you that not many of the other instructors will have 15 years of trail proceedings and courtroom testimony behind them.  If you ever involved in a high-profile shooting and you're hauled into court, and I am subpoenaed to testify in your behalf, my instructor training and courtroom expertise may get you exonerated.  Trust me, you won't want some Bubba or some newly-minted firearm Instructor sitting in the witness box on trail day.  So if my time, my 15 years of courtroom proceedings, my 2,000 hours of firearm training and my voluminous certifications are not worth my fee to you, find another instructor to train you.  I refuse to put out a sub-standard product that may get you sued, jailed or killed.