Friday, June 22, 2012

What is Dynamic Force on Force Air-Soft Training?

What is Dynamic Force on Force Air-Soft Training?  It’s essentially “Gun-Fighting 101” with Air-Soft pistols as opposed to actual firearms.  It’s probably the closest as you’ll ever get to a deadly force encounter without actually shooting someone or being shot yourself.  Air-soft has rapidly become one of, if not THE best tool on the market for this type of training application.  

Air-Soft is far safer than Simunitions and also much quieter so training can be held virtually anywhere, indoors or out.  Air-soft pistols fire a plastic BB at approximately 250 to 450 feet per second.   Other than a slight stinging sensation on bare skin Air-Soft is also an incredibly safe training tool.

If you’re in law enforcement, armed security, have a concealed carry permit, or are concerned with home defense, then this course is definitely for you, your co-workers, or your significant other.  As a student of the gun, you’ve probably attended several tactical training courses and have certainly put in a lot of trigger time on a static range.  But are you truly prepared to face an armed, violent aggressor who is Hell-bent on killing you in armed combat?

During this course, you will be subjected to various training scenarios geared for both law enforcement and civilian applications.  These scenarios are staffed by our highly skilled instructors and role players.  These scenarios may quickly degenerate into a deadly force encounter, testing your ability to persevere and overcome violent, armed assailants.  

While participating in this extremely realistic training, you may also experience one or more of the Physiological affects that high levels of stress place on the human body.  These are loss of fine motor skills, Tunnel Vision, Tachypsychia, and Auditory Exclusion.

Your performance may be well below par in some of the scenarios but I promise you that you will definitely learn from your errors in this class.  The term “better to bleed in training than to bleed on the street” is quite accurate.  Make your mistakes in a class where at the end of the day you go home sore but alive and in one piece.  Remember, you’ll always digress to you level of training under stress.  So if you train hard to fight hard, hopefully if that fateful day ever comes you’ll survive.

Our Air-Soft training course is highly mobile so if requested, we can bring the course to your location.  All Air-Soft firearms and mandatory safety equipment is furnished to the students during this class.  Tuition is only $150.00 per student.        

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dynamic Force on Force Air-Soft Course a Huge Success!

Our first Dynamic Force of Force Air-Soft course was a huge success.  Ten students attended our first class on Saturday, June 16th, and from their E-mails, they were most impressed with the quality and realism of the training.  I played the bad guy, a role I was told I played very well. 

The students were brought into the training area one by one, and were explained the drill prior to the start of each scenario.  The drills placed the students into extremely realistic, guttural, in your face scenarios.  Some of which quickly degenerated into violent, deadly force encounters.  Most scenarios were also played out in low light conditions which greatly added to the student's already elevated stress level. 

Several students failed some of the drills but the purpose of the training was to let them see their reactions to violent encounters and how they dealt with these stress induced situations.  I believe the course was an eye opening experience for everyone involved but I'm sure they all learned from their mistakes.  The old adage of "better to bleed in training than on the street" was in definitely play on Saturday. 

Several of the alumni are eager to attend the next class we do which should be in October or November.  If you carry a firearm as a law enforcement or security officer, or carry because you have a CCW permit then this course is tailor-made for you.  It's also a great learning tool for those who own firearms for home defense.     

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor's Certification

I am proud to say that I was informed on June 13th by the NRA's Training Division that I am one of the first instructors in the nation to have the new Advanced Pistol Instructor's Certification bestowed upon them.  This new certification will allow instructors such as myself to bring civilians who are new to defensive shooting up to speed on tactical pistol work.  I applaud the NRA for taking a giant step in the right direction.