Friday, November 23, 2012

EMT Certification Near Completion.

As an instructor I am always looking for ways to add more knowledge to my repertoire of instructor certifications and to improve service and provide a safer training environment for my clients.  While I had a background in CPR and Trauma First-aid for quite sometime, I've wanted more knowledge on the subject. 

Always a student at heart, I registered for an Emergency Medical Technician's course on August 20th and began to study for my EMT-B license.  I am now near the end of my journey and hopefully I'll take my licensing exam before the end of the year.  I really learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the training course.

When I complete the EMT-B course and obtain my state license, the next course I'd like to complete is one of the Tactical EMT certification courses I've seen offered.  I also have an interest in obtaining the Wilderness EMT certification as well.